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Home Summery Performance
Summery Performance : Physical-2011
  1. Printing 2 issues of Soba magazine
    Printed 2500 copies of Soba Environment magazines, which is popular in island wide. This magazine is freely distributed among various institutions and among many persons such as school and University students and NGO/CBO practitioners.
  2. Purchasing  publications to Ministerial Library
    Purchased of 166 books to the library. This collection includes reference books, books on Tamil Language learning etc. Annual subscription paid for 04 Newspapers & 2 magazines. Library organizing material such as book pockets, book cards etc purchased for 3000 books.
  3. Printing leaflets on Environment topics
    Printed 100,000 copies of leaflets under Deyatasevana programme. Those were freely distributed among requested people and Institutions Island wide.
  4. Production of Documentary  film on Environment
    Produced 01 documentary film for the Deyatasevana Programme
  5. Rupavahini Programme
    Produced 2 Trailers under the Deyatasevana Programme
  6. Radio Programme
    Created 02 Trailers under the Deyatasevana Programme
  7. Deyatasevana National Tree Planting Programme

    A. Printing Banners
    3,000 banners in size 8’X7’ have been printed. Sum of them expenditure were borne by the allocation of Sustainable Development.

    B. Printing Paper supplements
    Paper supplements in 7 papers aware public
  8. Coordinating of Deyatakirula programme
    Ministry and its agencies participated Deyatakirula exhibition at Buttala. The promotion and Environment Education Division coordinated this programme on behalf of the ministry of Environment. An eco-mango festival was held in Deyatakirula Programme at Buttala. 30 mango, 20 Banana varieties and 20 rice verities were displayed.
  9. Commerated the world Environment day
    Commeration held on 5th June 2011 under the theme of “ Forests Nature at Your Service”  major national function  was celebrated in Pinnawala National School in collaboration with many organizations. To achieve the target, there were held an exhibition, Eco march of school student, tree planting campaign and green awards presented to committed individuals and organizations for sustainable development etc.
  10. Awareness programmes on Environment for selected groups


Selected Group




No. of Audience


Teachers (Bio science, Geography)

  1. Interrelation ship of the Bio Diversity
  2. Policy of the Wetland Conservation
  3. Montreal Protocol and significance of the Ozone Layer Protection





Programme Assistants & Development Assistants

  1. Importance of Ozone Layer Protection
  2. Consideration of the Environment factors for planning on development with Role of the Ministry of Environment and Under Department
  3. Environment Impact Assessment





Teachers (Bio science, Geography)

  1. Environment  Pollution & Climate Change
  2. Conservation of the Bio Diversity
  3. Importance of Ozone Layer Protection





School Students(A/L,O/L)

  1. What is the Environment Project ?
  2. Conservation of the Bio Diversity
  3. Importance of Ozone Layer Protection





Governments officers

  1. Climate change Adaptation
  2. Disaster management
  3. Environment Impact Assessment






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