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AIT, Thailand

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Ecosystem Conservation and Management Project
International Consultant - Nature Based Tourism


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Environmental and Social Management Plan for the proposed Green Climate Fund Project
Ecosystems Management and Conservation Project Funded By World Bank 
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Our Team
Name Designation
Mr. Dilus Abesuriya Chief Accountant
Mr. L.D.N. Kumarasiri Accountant (Supplies)
Mrs. Neranja R. Nishanka Accountant (Payments)
Mr. R.M. Wijeratne Branch Head (PMAS I)
Mrs. A.G.P. RohiniSirisena PMASII
Mr. M. Mutukumarana PMASII (Supplies)
Mr. Nelson Fernando Budget Assistant
Ms. G.C. Pallearachchi Research Assistant
Mrs. K.D.D. Irani Research Assistant
Mrs. A.A.R.W. Adikari  
Ms.A.A.N.N. Premaratne  
Mrs. M.N.A.C. Karunaratne  
Ms. S.M.D.S.C. Chandrasiri  
Ms. K.P.D.N. Priyadarshini  
Ms. H.L.S.A. Wanigasekara  
Ms. A.M.N.K. Attanayake  
Ms. E.G.R.M.S.K. Ratnayeke  


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