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Ecosystem Conservation and Management Project
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Home Units

01.  In situ conservation

  • Coordination, implementation and effective monitoring of in-situ conservation activities, projects and programs at national level.
  • Establishment of National Expert committee

02.  Bio Design and Modeling

  • Establishment of gardens (biodiversity parks, plant sanctuaries etc)
  • Provides Engineering and Architectural aspects of BD resource Management

03.  Traditional Knowledge

  • Protection of traditional knowledge and cultural activities

04.  Bio data Processing

  • Developing / Updating of Databases on Biodiversity related Components

05.  Biodiversity Assessment and Monitoring

  • Revision of National Red List
  • Collaborate research studies on Biodiversity
  • Establishment of National Advisory committee on Paleobiodiversity and National Advisory Group on Species Conservation.

06.  Biodiversity Awareness, Education, Publication and Training

  • Provide education, training and create awareness on conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity

07' Bio Policy, Planning & Sustainable Use

  • Prepare policies and action plans related to Biodiversity Conservation and administer legal aspect.
  • Implement projects and programs related to agriculture biodiversity and bio economics.

08.  Bio Treaty Coordination

  • Coordinating  Convention on Biological Diversity and other related conventions and agreements.
  • Carry out Clearing House Mechanism CHM
  • Preparation of  National Report on Biological Diversity

09.  Biosafety

  • Implementation of Biosafety Protocol Biosafety policy and the national biosafety framework in Sri Lanka.  .
  • Operate National Biosafety Clearing House in Sri Lanka

10.  Bio Prospecting Unit

  • Developing a national policy on Access to Genetic Resources & Benefit Sharing
  • Coordinating and carry out activities related to Nagoya Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources & fair & equitable sharing of benefits

11. Bio Legal and Regulatory

  • Implementation National legislation  and Multi Lateral Agreements
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