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முகப்பு Pavithra Ganga Programme
Pavithra Ganga Programme
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The Pavithra Ganga (Clean River) Program was initiated by the Ministry of Mahaweli Development and Environment in 1998 as a pilot project in Kelani River Basin with a broad objective of reducing the human impact on quality of the river and the surrounding environment by proactive participation of all the parties contributing to the degradation of the river.

Major activities carried out during 2015

  1. Identification and mapping of environmental pollution sources and land use patterns of Kelani river basin using GIS Technology.
  2. Preparation of Water quality analysis report and user friendly web based computer programme for dissemination of Water quality data and information.
  3. Commemoration of the World Water Day in collaboration with the University of Sri Jayawardhanapura.


Commemoration of World Water day was held at the Sri Jayawardhanapura University Premises

4. Awareness raising programmes on water quality were conducted for 3400 school students.

5. Launched 2 info graphic videos in Sinhala, Tamil and English languages on the importance of protecting quality of water in Kelani River and impact of industrial water pollution. After the official launching, the videos were uploaded in social Networks as Facebook and Twitter.

6. Consultations on reducing pollution were done in 10 Local Authorities via 8 workshops with Local Government and government officials and CSO representatives .


Workshops for the Local Government Authorities

7.A Study was carried out on the Water use and pollution load assessment in Kelani River within Western Province. This Study identified the pollution sources and GWF of Kelani River Basin within Western Province.The Study reveals the need of a comprehensive study on the pollution aspects of Kelani River in order to establish a long term strategy towards the sustainable management of the River.

8.A study was carried out on the Water quality data on the industrial water pollution in the Kelani River.This study emphasized on the chemical pollution of the Kelani River.Long and Short term mitigation plans were developed.

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