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Cleaner Production

Major Activities carried out during the year

Unsustainable consumption patterns continue to result in increasing demand on natural resources threatening to ecosystem stability globally and locally. It is globally accepted that application of cleaner production practices facilitates the improvement of productivity thereby depletion of natural resources, pollution and production cost. This in turn will facilitate industrial and service sectors to be competitive in the international market.

Accordingly, the National Policy and Strategy for Cleaner Production was developed in collaboration with all relevant stakeholders including the National Cleaner Production Centre in year 2005. The National Policy on Cleaner Production aims at achieving sustainable development, enhanced environmental quality, improved eco-efficiency, improved living standards and poverty alleviation.Later on, The National Policy and Strategy on Cleaner Production for Health Sector was developed in 2007 and National Policy and strategy on Cleaner Production for Tourism Sector and National Policy and strategy on Cleaner Production for Fisheries Sector were developed in year 2008 and policy and strategy on the Agriculture sector was developed in Year 2010 and the Policy and strategy on Plantation sector is in the draft stage.

Major activities carried out during year 2015

1. Mini workshops were conducted on 21.08.2015 and 02.12.2015 to finalize the draft policy and strategy on Cleaner production for the plantation sector.

2. A Steering committee meeting was conducted on 29.12.2015.It was decided to prepare action plan on CP

3. A leaflet on Cleaner Production was printed.


Mini workshops held to finalize the policy

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